Papa Rap

Leadership Series & School Assemblies

Papa Rap, Latino Motivational speaker for parents and students. Bring Papa Rap to your school or community event to motivate Latinos and non Latino parents and/or students through his spoken message and musical performance. He will do his presentation in Spanish, English, or bilingually. His messages go from parent involvement in our schools and communities to student success by making the right choices in life. So put on your dancing shoes and let Papa Rap touch your heart and mind with a powerful message that will Rock and Salsa your life. His previous shows include:

What’s Up, Que Pasa Friendship Show – includes relationship building strategies, anti-bullying action plan and service-learning project

I’m Drug and Alcohol Free Show – includes talking to someone, resources, action plan and service-learning project

Feed Your Brain-Alimenta Tu Cerebro – literacy campaign, college preparation, capturing one’s talents and resources

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  • Motivational Speaking Engagements
  • Diversity and Inclusion Workshops for Organizations
  • Ask Papa Rap to create your organization’s public service announcement and jingle!